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The Initial Investigation Shows The Reason For The Air Traffic Fault

While the city has a reliable public transportation system, many travelers prefer the flexibility of ride sharing services, which are widely used and easily accessible through their respective mobile apps. There are a variety of transportation options available for both locals and tourists. There has been a lot of news about violence in Mexico. It doesn’t mention that Mexico has thirty one states, the Distrito Federal.

Beware of strangers who offer rides in their cars, they are often involved in scam that targets tourists. If you have had too much to drink, you might want to avoid public transportation in Mexico. Getting around can be done on foot or a cab, but not everyone likes walking. Hire a driver to take you between locations is a good option if you are in a group. It is illegal for drivers to pick you up at the Cancun airport, even though it is legal to use the ride-sharing service.

The conflict generated widespread attention after a video of taxi drivers forcing a Russian speaking family out of their car went viral and after unions blocked the main road leading to Cancn’s hotel zone. There are warnings about an increased risk of crime in parts of Mexico, including resort areas. The State Department advises people to “reconsider travel” to Mexico. The department website states that the advisory was first put in place in July. He was impressed with the precautions taken to keep people safe.

The Airbnbs Will Only Be Able To Operate In Safe Areas On February 10

Many taxi drivers don’t use the meter and will overcharge unwitting tourists, so confirm how much you’re expected to pay. Uber does exist in Cancun, but Uber drivers often work “under the radar” due to an ongoing feud with taxi drivers that has at times turned violent. Airports have warned disruption will continue despite the air traffic control glitch being fixed on Monday. Britons have told of sleeping on floors in European airports, with “fists flying” in Palma. But, positive movements have been made with the government approving some night flights.

There are assassinations against members of criminal organizations. During daylight hours, restaurants and malls have been the scene of violent crime due to battles between criminal groups. In shooting incidents, bystanders have been injured or killed. Not using your common sense and buying drugs in a foreign country are two common risks for travelers. Mexico is a popular vacation destination for US tourists, but there are still many areas that are best avoided. Due to recent events, crime in places like Cancun has soared and it now ranks number 6 on the list of most dangerous cities in Mexico.

Can You Tell Me When Is The Best Time To Visit Mexico?

Do you need a passport to go to CancunBut they decided to go to Mexico when The Bahamas closed its borders to U.S. citizens just before the couple‚Äôs departure. I believe that anyone that tells you to “never leave the resort” for fear of danger is sadly misguided. Do keep in mind that while front-of-house hospitality staff is usually fluent in English, not everyone you encounter will be. Brushing up on your Spanish in advance of your visit is helpful; a simple “gracias” can go a long way. A rapid antigen test will likely run you between $20 to $40 and a PCR test may cost between $100 and $200.

This is the same for all of them. Before the trip, all the women made sure they were free so they could travel safely together. Travelers should look for the best properties they can afford. He says his nervousness is not related to the 4.5 or 5 star properties. He emphasizes the importance of booking a vacation with a knowledgeable advisor who is in regular contact with suppliers. Travel agent Benoff said that if you’re in a resort town, you’re at a lower risk.

A man awards cash to someone who correctly guesses the solution in a group game. They get the same response when they repeat this with a different member of the group. More and more people are drawn to this street performer.

Territorial battles between criminal groups occur in Guadalajara. Innocent bystanders have been killed or injured in shooting incidents between criminal groups. narco traffickers and human traffickers compete for territory in the border area. Travelers should stay on the main highways.

It is important for the Mexican government to protect the tourist area. There are white sand beaches and the Caribbean Sea. I wouldn’t answer the question of “Is Cancun dangerous?” because it’s far from what I’d consider a completely safe city. In fact, over 30 million people visited Cancun in the year of 2022, and the majority of them come and go unscathed. The ultimate safety advice is included in this guide to staying safe in Cancun.